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CI Advisors & Staff study ‘the MESA of Baseball’

Isotopes Park June 2015

Isotopes Park June 2015

Jun 19, 2015 –

Central Inner MESA Advisors joined CI and CO coordinators Kim Scheerer and Rick Cole, along with MESA’s two Albuquerque interns and Bookkeeper Helena Kirwood, at the Isotopes vs. Rainiers game on Thursday night.  Although the ‘Topes didn’t get the win, Team MESA did… enjoying the engineering, geometry, physics and science of baseball is easy when you are looking for it!

When we study baseball or softball, the speed of the pitch, the kinetic and potential energy of the hit, the arc of the ball and even the dimensions of the field make for a super STEM night.  Add a couple ballpark hotdogs, some good company and you can take MESA ‘out to the ballgame’ anytime!

Check out our “The MESA of Baseball & Softball” worksheet here: Isotopes Worksheet 2015


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