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Congratulations to Taelyn J Reid student at Amy Biehl High (CI Region)

Apr 25, 2014 –

Congratulations to Taelyn J Reid, a New Mexico MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) student as a sophomore at Amy Biehl High School. Taelyn placed first in Senior Division at 2014 Central NM Science and Engineering Research Challenge.


Abstract details on Taelyn’s project: The engineering goal of this project was to build a water filter that works efficiently, removes material seen by the human eye, and test positive for removal of certain sediments, the water filter should also have an input-output ratio that is equilibrium. 16oz of water was run through the filter, 5 efficiency tests were conducted to provide feedback to achieve the final water filter.  Substances were run through the filter, each was tested twice and the input-output was recorded. In conclusion, the water filter actively removed solid substances (flocculation) however; it did not remove dyes, or colloids.


Taelyn stated, “I enjoyed learning about the process of creating a water filter and developing an efficient product that’s relevant to today’s problems”.  Taelyn plans on doing the same project next year, on a larger scale and planning on extending her research to include tests on pH balance and investigating the capacity of the filters.  Excellent job Taelyn on your hard work!


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