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Carlsbad High School team shines at the 2015 Robotovate

Carlsbad HS MESA students with their robot

Carlsbad HS MESA students with their robot "BOB Mark III"

May 11, 2015 –

Roborave has evolved into several competitions from its original line following contest.  Line Following, Jousting, Amazing, Firefighting, and Arial courses all have set parameters to follow.  Robotovate is different.  In this event, there are six areas competitors can choose for their robot design.  From there, the students must come up with their own ideas and develop the robot.

Carlsbad High School MESA students Luke Klaus, Nathan Christensen, Ratheesh Rajan, Sam Bartlett and alternate Cameron Evanovich have taken Robotovate to a professional level that any engineer would be proud of.  This is the third year of their project “BOB, Backyard Observation Bot”, a security bot.  They have constantly looked to improve their product.  This year’s bot included Wi-Fi camera access from any cell phone.  The bot was completely designed and 3d printed as well. Use of arduino and galileo brains was also incorporated.

The unique way students win in Robotovate is by the vote of the public.  BOB Mark III lead the pack of 25 projects from the start, with many people asking if they would be putting it into production.



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