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Parent Meetings

Sep 6, 2013 –

Its beginning of the year and time to plan a parent meeting.  You can combine a MESA parent meeting with a school open house.  This would be a great time because parents are already on campus so why not arrange a time to meet with MESA parents, as well.  If you would like a Regional Coordinator to give a wider scope of MESA information, please send an invite.  RC’s can go over all MESA Incentive Award info for (High School) students.    

Ideas for a parent meeting:

Have student officers participate and if they feel comfortable have them demonstrate MESA board/projects they completed and mention future projects and trips the program will be participating in this year.  Have parents and students work on a ice breaker activity to begin the meeting.  Example Build a tower  

Also an option during the parent meeting make it a pot luck and have students bring a small dish to share with the group. 



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