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2017 Senior Loyalty Awardees Shine

Seniors from throughout the state, like these SIFT San Diego students, qualify for the NM MESA Loyalty Award!

Seniors from throughout the state, like these SIFT San Diego students, qualify for the NM MESA Loyalty Award!

May 23, 2017 –

NM MESA students are able to earn the Loyalty Award for their first year of college. The amount available for a NM MESA student to earn is up to $1000.  The Loyalty Award consists of two levels, MESA Success ($500) and Einstein Bonus (up to an additional $500).  The student must qualify for the MESA Success to earn the Einstein Bonus.

The Loyalty Award recognizes and awards our students’ loyalty to NM MESA through their participation in activities and events.   We also recognize and award our students’ for their achievement in academics.

This year NM MESA will give out a total of more than $137,000 in Loyalty Awards to students attending a variety of two year and/or four year in-state or out-of-state colleges, training programs and universities. Below is a list of this year’s logistics and awardees.

Region # of Students Average/Student Total
Central Inner 42 $811.14 $34,068
Central Outer 16 $744.25 $11,908
North Central 12 $692.58 $8,311
North 17 $767.06 $13,040
South East 55 $773.82 $42,560
South West 28 $789.68 $22,111
West 8 $736.50 $5,893

Congratulations to the following schools and students!

Acosta Alejandro Las Cruces HS
Adams Macleod Del Norte HS
Aidun Ruby Albuquerque HS
Albanna Sara Albuquerque HS
Allen Rowan Goddard HS
Alton Alex Alamogordo HS
Alvarez Sidney South Valley Academy
Amador Salvador Cobre HS
Amaya Rocio West Mesa HS
Ambrose Javier NexGen Academy
Annala Sydney Ruidoso HS
Aragon Brooklyn West Las Vegas HS
Archuleta Marisol Mesa Vista HS
Armijo Domilyse Carlsbad HS
Ashford Elisa Belen HS
Baca Caitlin Belen HS
Baca Alexa Espanola Valley HS
Baca Jonathan Las Cruces HS
Baca-Griego Felicia Belen HS
Beene Carter Goddard HS
Benally Sharmaine Santa Rosa HS
Bendzus Harley Portales HS
Botello Yamar Carlsbad HS
Boyd Lachlan Mayfield HS
Bratcher Karie Artesia HS
Brown Nicholas Portales HS
Brown Jacob Alamogordo HS
Bustos Kayla West Las Vegas HS
Canright Jacob Goddard HS
Capener Kennedy Goddard HS
Carillo Amber Carlsbad HS
Carrera-Little Nicolas Onate HS
Carreras-Cubillas Yahaira South Valley Academy
Casillas Clarissa Onate HS
Chadha Shubham Manzano HS
Chamberlin Eryn Goddard HS
Chavez Ayliah Santa Rosa HS
Clibon Melinda NexGen Academy
Crisostomo Maria Santa Rosa HS
Crowell Steven Onate HS
Cruz-Sandoval Theresa Bernalillo HS
Davis Sidney Ruidoso HS
DeGroat Randy Crownpoint HS
Delamater Nathan Goddard HS
Delgado Tomas Mesa Vista HS
Deng Aretha Las Cruces HS
Diaz Briana Alamogordo HS
Dotson Corey East Mountain HS
Dye Zachary Valley HS
Eislick Tyler Portales HS
Elliott Chloe Ruidoso HS
Esquibel Moses West Las Vegas HS
Fietek Carter Del Norte HS
Fisher Austin Alamogordo HS
Fornelli Zuly South Valley Academy
Foster Jimmy Cobre HS
Frausto Monique Goddard HS
Free Ian Alamogordo HS
Gallegos Christopher Atrisco Heritage
Gamboa-Gil Jennifer Las Cruces HS
Garcia Ana Belen HS
Garmendez Thalia Crownpoint HS
Geiger Roy Centennial HS
Gleesing Tyler Alamogordo HS
Gonzales Kathleen Espanola Valley HS
Gonzales Rayven West Las Vegas HS
Gonzales Ryan Alamogordo HS
Griego Julie Belen HS
Guerra Gavin Alamogordo HS
Gurrola Abril South Valley Academy
Hammel Benjamin Albuquerque HS
Hammond Jacob Mayfield HS
Hanson Ambrosia Alamogordo HS
Hardy Ceara Crownpoint HS
Hassett Cayla NexGen Academy
Haynes Casey Manzano HS
Hererra Oksana West Las Vegas HS
Holterman Lawrence Mesa Vista HS
Houdek Connor Robertson HS
Hudson Derrick Gallup HS
Jacquez Krista Robertson HS
Jaquez Marcos Portales HS
Jaramillo Rosalinda West Las Vegas HS
Johnson Jarod Alamogordo HS
Karnik Poojan Ruidoso HS
Kennon Kameron Goddard HS
Kilgore Ana Albuquerque HS
Lamboy Joshua Onate HS
Langtry Jessica Alamogordo HS
Leap Christopher Portales HS
Lerma Alan Deming HS
Lopez Frida West Mesa HS
Madrid Jenee Belen HS
Madrid Matthew Gadsen HS
Martinez Jacob Albuquerque HS
Martinez Alan Albuquerque HS
Martinez Alexis West Las Vegas HS
McCaffrey Owen Los Lunas HS
McGinn Thomas Alamogordo HS
Means Marian Valley HS
Mease Benjamin Las Cruces HS
Meastas Cesar Los Lunas HS
Medina Lizebeth South Valley Academy
Medina-Munoz Ildefonso Las Cruces HS
Melendez Xavier Goddard HS
Mendez Jose Goddard HS
Montano Monica Bernalillo HS
Montano Rosalie Robertson HS
Montoya Alejandro Mora HS
Morales Aaron Goddard HS
Morales Gerardo Roswell HS
Morales Chacon Clarizza Atrisco Heritage
Moreno Guadalupe West Mesa HS
Morgan Tonia Gallup HS
Morlan William NexGen Academy
Munoz Angelica South Valley Academy
Munoz Robert Las Cruces HS
Murphy Jacqueline Valley HS
Neal Connor Valley HS
Nelson Chief (Peter) Amy Biehl HS
Norris Trey Goddard HS
Norris Tyler Goddard HS
Olguin Mekiel Belen HS
Olvera Alejandro Roswell HS
Ortega Paloma Albuquerque HS
Otero Ariana Valley HS
Parkins Austin East Mountain HS
Paul Nathan Carlsbad HS
Peralta Alexandria Las Cruces HS
Pereyra Jaylene South Valley Academy
Prieto Beda Alamogordo HS
Rains Jack Mora HS
Rajan Reshma Carlsbad HS
Reed Cameron Del Norte HS
Reid Dion Carlsbad HS
Revels Jon NexGen
Reynolds Jonakee Mesa Vista HS
Robinson Laura Carlsbad HS
Rodriguez Jeraldin Valley HS
Rodriguez Citlally Las Cruces HS
Romero Justine Bernalillo HS
Roybal James Pojoaque HS
Roybal Warren Mora HS
Sahd Justice Carlsbad HS
Salazar Maria Albuquerque HS
Salinas Daniel Las Cruces HS
Sanchez Macario Mora HS
Sanchez Adriana Las Cruces HS
Sandborn Liberty Valley HS
Shannon Adam Goddard HS
Smith Angela Belen HS
Soens Luke Goddard HS
Soto Francisco Gadsden HS
Steffensen Cameron Grants HS
Swank Matheau Portales HS
Tafoya Iliana Valley HS
Tallas Nizhoni Navajo Prep School
Taniguchi Sundeep Mesa Vista HS
Teich Lara Las Cruces HS
Tesillo Jordan Carlsbad HS
Torrez Adriana Valley HS
Tucker Noah Goddard HS
Van Levin Goddard HS
Velencia Jaqueline South Valley Academy
Veleta Jessica South Valley Academy
Viereck Jasper Mesa Vista HS
Vigil Caleb Portales HS
Viscarra Iliana Las Cruces HS
Weinbaum Olivia Centennial HS
White Oscar (Kyle) Crownpoint HS
Whitten Julia Valley HS
Xiong Yoni Carlsbad HS
Yonemoto Natalie NexGen Academy
Young Jack Goddard HS
Zamora Antonio Onate HS
Zarate-Guillermo Abigail West Mesa HS
Zerby Olivia Albuquerque HS
Zhou Qi Las Cruces HS


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