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MESA Day 2015 Alice event information


Advisors here is all the information that was given at the State PDC regarding Alice.

Please get Alice challenge world file from your Regional Coordinator.

HD settings

YouTube (bottom right of video screen) HD settings

Alice Tutorial Webinars

Here are some links to the Alice tutorial webinar (Length 30 minutes),

You Tube Link: Alice tutorial


The webinar covers Alice setup, a overview of Alice, the Alice Harry Potter challenge (MESA Day 2015 event) and how to submit your team’s finished world for grading. For best viewing, click on the gear located at the bottom right of the YouTube video screen and select 720p.

Alice software download site.

Please download Alice 2.4 from the downloads.


Click here for the The Alice world to use for the Harry Potter Challenge.

It is a 31 MB file so it may take a while to load.


Here are the Power Point slides for the Harry Potter Challenge

Here is the Alice Glossary

Alice Glossary

Harry Potter Challenge Standards

hp Standards


Here is more information for Alice Programing from the Presenter at the State PDC.




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