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ongoing through February 2017... Student Electricity & Coding 101 Workshop

Intro to Electricity & Coding!

Arrange a 1-2 hour Introduction to Electricity and Arduino coding workshop at your school for 8-20 students with Central Inner regional coordinator Kim Scheerer.  Kim will work with middle or high school students to connect Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM) concepts with your school’s computer platforms, IT staff support & coding supplies.

Teacher Activities
  • Connect with your school’s IT staff and make sure your computers are Arduino compatible by connecting your microcontroller ports before this workshop!
  • arrange for a school supported space and time (during or after school)
  • organize your 8-20 MESA students
  • students will work in teams; each team needs the following (supplied by you):
    • a microcontroller (ie. redboard or einsboard)
    • a breadboard
    • a servo
    • a school or personal computer with Arduino already downloaded
      • download Aruduino here
Students Activities
  • bring a water bottle, snack & your creativity
  • bring a good attitude, teamwork mentality & some patience


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