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Friday, October 19th, 2018; 9-3pm STEM Showdown @ Rio Mora National Wildlife Regional Fieldtrip-NO Region

For a two whole weeks, both in September and October Rio Mora Wildlife Refuge and the Denver Zoo are putting together STEM Showdown. Students get to interact with each other and complete various hands-on stations related to science, math, engineering, technology, etc. The best part is they get to do this outdoors at beautiful Rio Mora Wildlife Refuge.

Schools will get to sign-up for a date to attend from the selected week in either September or October. Below are the details for both high schools and middle schools.

As this is a full day field trip with various components I will be crediting students for both a fieldtrip and a workshop in MIMS.

High School Schedule: Week of September 17th- 21st 2018; 9am-3pm

Middle School Schedule: Week of October 15th- 19th 2018; 9am-3pm


Information about the Denver Zoological Foundation at Rio Mora here.


More details of the event and full agenda to come soon!


A little about Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge…

In September of 2012, Eugene and Clare Thaw donated their ranch to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to become the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge and be part of the larger Northern New Mexico National Wildlife Refuge System. They wanted their land to serve a societal benefit. Now, the Denver Zoological Foundation oversees the ranch for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, Denver Zoo is responsible for meeting conservation goals, expanding research and educational programs that happen at the refuge. The Denver Zoo is doing an amazing job at bringing educational programs to all local Northern schools as well as out of town schools.



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