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June 3-4, 2014 STEM E Curriculum Training

Brought to you in conjunction with New Mexico Math and Science Bureau

NM MESA has developed an interdisciplinary high school level curriculum. The curriculum is designed to take a holistic approach to teaching about all of the major disciplines of science with significant math and engineering components built into the curriculum. In addition to the New Mexico State Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing in Technical Subjects (CCSS) have been written into the curriculum as well as following a format based on templates created by the Literacy Design Collaborative. The curriculum will also provide opportunities to apply math and science concepts to competitions and group projects. The curriculum is intended for use in MESA classes and can be adapted to MESA programs for use in all years of high school. There are adaptations for the middle school classroom, but as the curriculum is intended for high school use, high school advisors will be accepted first with middle school advisors being accepted after registration has closed to fill any remaining spots. Only 60 teachers will be selected to attend the training. Selection will happen on a first registered basis. The New Mexico Public Education Department, Math and Science Bureau (PEDMSB) has partnered with NM MESA to provide the training. Because of the partnership, stipend support is limited to teachers who align with requirements for the sponsoring bureau. All attendees are required to attend all portions of the training.

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