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Tuesday, November 15, 2016; 1-2 pm Our Fractal World: North Region

Fractal Tree

New Mexico Fractal Foundation presents, “Our Fractal World Show”:  The North Region MESA is partnering up with other universities and organizations such as: Los Alamos National Labs, Luna Community College, NM Highlands University, United World College and Los Alamos National Security to bring MESA students and community to this amazing fractal show.  The show will take place in Las Vegas, NM at Highlands University Ilfeld Auditorium.


This event is FREE to students and to the public and the schedule is as follows:

Strictly student time: 1PM at the Ilfeld Auditorium

Open to the public time: 7PM at the Ilfeld Auditorium

Our Fractal World Flyer

For ANY MESA schools attending: Students will receive a workshop credit if they complete the Pre-Event Assignment and are present at the event.

If you are planning to bring your MESA group please let Regional Coordinator know in advance as they might be able to provide transportation. 

Link to the Pre-Event Assignment: 

Please download the activity worksheet from the NM Fractal Foundation website and distribute to your students if they choose to receive credit for attending.


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