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Tuesday, December 1, 2015; 8 AM- 5:30PM North Regional Field Trip to the Very Large Array and NM Tech Trip

The Very Large Array, Socorro, NM

WHAT IS THE NM TECH FIELDTRIP: Each year, NM MESA provides a fieldtrip to NM Tech
to visit the campus and get information about attendance. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to
attend. This year the North, North Central, and West Regions will represent NM MESA.
DETAILS OF THE TRIP: There will be 1 trip scheduled for December 2, 2015. Transportation
will be arranged and decided by your Regional Coordinator based upon allotted slots and
allocated budget.
The day before Dec 1st we will have a Regional Field trip to the Very Large Array in Socorro.
MESA will provide one meal and lodging for the selected schools who registered: West Las Vegas HS, Springer HS and Robertson HS.

Time: 2-4 PM VLA closes at sunset, so about 5:15 on the day we are going.

Pre Event Assignment to the VLA

VLA Post assignment


Things to Consider:

Please know the VLA is up at 7,000 ft. anyone with breathing difficulties should be advised to bring any medication they might need. The weather is usually colder, wetter, windier, etc. at this elevation. Please everyone dress in layers!

Electronic devices are not allowed! Any cell phone, ipad, etc. must be on airplane mode during the entire stay at the VLA. Electronic devices disturb science observing! If cell phones are in airplane mode, they can be used to take pictures.

If you have any questions please contact Regional Coordinator Alejandra Carmona at


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