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Tuesday, April 12, 2016; 8:30-4:00 pm North Region Spring Leadership & Workshop

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Tentative Agenda Pre and post assignment April 12th Challenge course info ’16/April 21st Challenge course info ’16 v. 2

Four schools from the North will be attending a Leadership based field trip to Santa Fe Community College.

There they will attend a challenge ropes course where they will be working together as a team to solve critical thinking problems.

As well as attend an afternoon workshop held by the Sustainable Technologies department at SFCC.

The schools going on this adventure are: Santa Rosa HS, Anton Chico MS, West Las Vegas HS and Penasco MS (Apil 21st 2016).

Things to Consider:

Conduct For children and teen programs, a minimum of one adult chaperone is required for every 15 students. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for their students’ conduct while on campus and the challenge course. The Teamwork in Action facilitators reserve the right to modify events or cancel programs if at any time they believe the program has become unsafe. No fee will be refunded under these circumstances.

Paperwork Each participant must complete a Release form prior to participating in the program. NO participant will be allowed on the challenge course without a signed and completed form. Teamwork in Action must receive all forms at least seven days before the program date.

Participants should wear clothing appropriate for a challenge course in weather that may change in the course of the day. Sandals are not appropriate footwear under any circumstances.


The Challenge Course

• Cooperative games activities “break the ice” and allow participants to have fun and accomplish a task.

• Initiative exercises offer clearly and often fancifully defined problems. Each task is designed so that a group must employ cooperation and some physical effort to reach a solution. Some problems are more mental than physical, and vice versa.

• Low events are either on or low to the ground. Success is determined by the group’s ability to work together.

• High events are 20 to 55 feet off the ground. All climbing participants will wear full-body harnesses and helmets and will be attached to safety ropes. At over 20 acres, the Challenge Course is the largest in the Southwest and has 10 high events.


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