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March 17, 2017 (Middle School) and March 18, 2017 (High School) NM MESA Day 2017

Thank you to our sponsor Dion's for providing 2 slices of pizza for each student and teacher on the day of competition!

Thank you to our delicious sponsor Dion’s for providing 2 slices of pizza for each student and teacher on both days of competition!

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The NM MESA, Inc., Annual Statewide Math and Science MESA Day is designed to encourage the concept of problem solving through teamwork. It salutes NM MESA students for their commitment to academic excellence and reinforces the NM MESA mission of preparing students from historically underrepresented ethnic groups for college majors and careers in math, engineering and science. In keeping with our mission, advisors are encouraged to assemble teams that are representative of the ethnic and gender diversity of their school and MESA enrollment.

All Required MESA Day submissions are to be sent to by 5PM February 17, 2017.

  • Make sure to title each document with school and team number.  Example: MESA High School Team 1 Research Paper.
  • Late Documents will NOT be accepted.  Teams will be disqualified and not allowed to participate in MESA Day without required materials.
  • Incorrectly titled documents may not be accepted as we can not determine which team they belong to if not labeled properly.
  • Templates MUST be used as instructed.
  • Each team should submit: Budget Sheet, Receipt Template, Technical Paper, and Academic Poster.

MESA Day Resources:

 MESA Day Event Resources:

Required Templates:

Prepared Design: Prosthetic Arm 2.0/2.1

MESA teamwork!

Note the maximum # of teams allowed/school below.
20 – 30 registered students:  max number of teams = 3
31 – 50 students: max number of teams = 5
51 – 70: max number of teams = 7
71 – 90: max number of teams = 9
Registered students = students that are logged with profiles and signed A-1’s in the MIMS database.


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