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Week of November 20, 2015 New Mexico LIMBS Awareness Day

New Mexico has set the day/week of November 20 for our LIMBS Awareness Day. Documents below will give you all needed information to see about starting a campaign at your school to raise funds to help generate legs for amputees through LIMBS International.  This is a great way to tie in the social need for prosthesis with your Prosthetic Arm Projects.  Students conducting the campaign are able to possibly generate leadership, service learning, and/or fundraising credit(s) dependent on involvement.  The documents act as a guide for setting up your campaign and some recommendations.  If a campaign will work better a different way/date at your school, there is flexibility.  Note, there is curriculum and lots of resources available on this site.

Any question regarding this campaign, collection, or this partnership should be addressed to: Trevor Bergman, LIMBS International Executive Director. or Anita Gonzales, NM MESA.

Website for Campaign Information:

LIMBS Resources:


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