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MS = Sept. 25th, HS = Sept. 27th 2017 NC/CI: Dream BIG I-max event

DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World

Participating MESA schools will receive transportation assistance, free entrance into the Museum and seating at the Dream BIG I-max showing.

Teachers must connect with their regional coordinator, either Nick or Kim to sign-up!  Seating is limited.

MS date = Monday, Sept. 25th 2017
HS date = Wednesday, Sept. 27th 2017


  • event time: 10 am – 2 pm
  • I-max show time: high noon ** don’t be late
  • Local NM engineers will be on site to interact with students!
  • DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World website & educator guide
  • YouTube: See the NM version of Dream BIG here (25 minutes)!

Lunch options:
  1. head to Tiguex Park to picnic
  2. order lunch at the Hope cafe on site (click here to see the menu)
  3.  order pizza… Pizza 9, Domino’s and others deliver, Old Town Pizza is hike across the plaza (Central & Rio Grande)


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