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April 25, 2013; 12:00-5:00 PM MESA USA Staff Workday

Below is the agenda for the Staff Workday and final staff instructions.  Please come prepared.


Staff Workday Agenda MESA USA



1.)    Here are your event assignments-

  • Oral Presentation-Bonnie Lead
  • Academic Display-Shaundina Lead, Nick Assist/Judge
  • Physical Performance-Anita Lead, Monica Assist/Judge
  • Scoreroom (Entry, Awards, etc)-Fred Lead, Linda and Shawndeana Assist
  • Registration-Fred, Linda, Shawndeana
  • Misc.-Toney Begay (can help where needed)
  • Facilities-Betty


2.)    By Monday April 22 at Noon, please email me your order from Schlotzsky’s.  There is a link to the menu in the agenda and here:  I need:

  • Entrée Order *(sandwich, wrap, salad, pizza)
  • Chip Choice
  • Drink Choice-They have Coke products and bottled water (coke, diet coke, dr pepper, root beer, sprite, diet lemonade, lemonade, tea, sweet tea, sweet raspberry tea)


3.)    My Monday April 22 at Noon I need inventory from each RC of their testing equipment.  Something like this.  After I get inventory, I will let you know what (if anything you need to bring).  With so few teams competing I will only have a couple testing stations set up for each task.  The rest can be taken to the main office after competition and/or may be used as loaner equipment to the team(s) going to Nationals. 

  • 3- 5 Gallon orange buckets
  • 1-black crate
  • 2-Master locks
  • 2-boxes modeling clay
  • 2-tubes Elmer’s glue
  • 1-roll white duct tape
  • 1-roll black duct tape
  • 2-packs of 100 3X5 index cards
  • 4-Tennis balls
  • 5-Ping Pong balls
  • 2-Composition notebooks
  • 2- 1 lb. bags of beads
  • 2- boxes of 2” nails
  • 7- rolls of masking tape
  • 1-bag of 10 mini plush soccer balls
  • 3-wood pieces
  • 1-A nut/bolt set
  • 1-B nut/bolt set
  • 1-C nut/bot set
  • 6-wrenches, 2-13 mm, 2-19 mm, 2-24 mm


4.)    RC’s if you made any transportation you need to confirm everything and modify to reflect the final teams.  Please use as small transportation as available and needed.  In addition, PLEASE follow up with all their teams to make sure they have all ready, if they need assistance (possibly have them present to you), they have submitted their liability releases for ropes course, etc.  I am counting on you to work with your schools! 



  • Fred-Scoreroom Materials and Jetpack
  • Linda and Toney-Jetpack, MESA Tablecloth and Stand up Sign
  • Shaundina-Academic Display Event Materials
  • Bonnie-Oral Presentation Event Materials
  • Anita-Physical Performance Event Materials, Registration Materials, Jetpack, Judge Thanks-General Materials, Awards
  • RC’s-Testing equipment as instructed
  • Betty-Awards (Trophies, Medals)


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