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MS: February 21, 2015 and HS: February 27, 2015 MESA Day 2015

Low cost prosthetic arm event

Low cost prosthetic arm event

The NM MESA, Inc., Annual Statewide Math and Science MESA Day is designed to encourage the concept of problem solving through teamwork. It salutes NM MESA students for their commitment to academic excellence and reinforces the NM MESA mission of preparing students from historically underrepresented ethnic groups for college majors and careers in math, engineering and science. In keeping with our mission, advisors are encouraged to assemble teams that are representative of the ethnic and gender diversity of their school and MESA enrollment. All of our 2015 events will revolve around our theme of “Programming in Nature and for the Future”.  MESA Day will have 3 available events and student teams participate in events assigned to their level (high school or middle school).  Events are:

  • Prepared Design-Prosthetic Arm
  • Prepared Programming-Alice Software
  • On Site Challenge-Brain Anatomy

Teams will be composed of 2-4 students and the same students must participate in a minimum of 2/3 events. 4 students per team are suggested due to the work load and difficulty of events. Please contact Anita Gonzales at for more information.

MESA Day Materials:

MESA Day 2015 Handbook

MESA Day 2015 Standards Alignment Handbook

MESA Day 2015 Logistics Guide-This is meant to be printed as a booklet.  Can be printed 1 or 2 sided.

MESA Day 2015 Frequently Asked Questions

MESA Day 2015 Example School Registration form

Leadership Council Assignments

MESA Day Event Resources:

Prepared Design: Prosthetic Arm

Programming Challenge: Alice Software

On-Site Design Challenge: Brain Anatomy

MESA USA at MESA Day-This is a simplified version of what is in the handbook.  There is no new information.  It is just streamlined to highlight the requirements for MESA USA qualification.

Middle School Competition Event Information:

Middle School Meal Information

Middle School Parking Information

Middle School Final Agenda

Middle School Final Shift Assignments

Middle School Discovery Fair Assignments

Middle School Map

High School Competition Event Information:

High School Meal Information

High School Parking Information

High School Final Agenda

High School Final Shift Assignments

High School Map

Volunteer and Discovery Fair Information:

Volunteer Memo and Information

Volunteer Flyer

Volunteer and Discovery Fair Vendor Registration Link



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