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January 23, 2014; 7:30 am - 2:00 pm Legislative Field Trip 2014


This is your opportunity to observe the legislative process and your state government in action.  A learning experience for all of us, it is also an excellent opportunity for NM MESA to showcase its program.  Attendees will act as ambassadors for NM MESA and may testify before members of the legislature. Therefore, all students interested in attending should come prepared to act as a liaison for NM MESA and should be of the highest caliber.  Legislative activities will help NM MESA continue its mission of preparing middle and high school students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering and science.

For General Agenda, Click Here 

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NM MESA Students at 2014 Legislative Field Trip


Each designated region will select 45 students and 5 advisors to attend.

  • Only the North, North Central, and West Regions have been designated to attend.
  • Transportation will be determined regionally and arranged by your Regional Coordinator.
  • Unused slots will NOT be reallocated to other regions.
  • Students selected must have a current profile in the database and have their A-1 submitted prior to application.
  • Selection will be done by the Regional Coordinator.
  • ONLY selected attendees are to attend the Legislative Fieldtrip.
  • A Regional waitlist will be created as needed.



  • If interested in attending, you must contact your Regional Coordinator as they will be selecting the delegates from their Region.
  • On Line Registration will collect all teacher and student information. So please have all information needed to complete registration including student names, etc. 
  • If any of your students are requesting to be pages, a brief document must be uploaded for each student. This document must contain a statement of interest and biography.  Biography must contain the students name, grade, and school (in the document) and document MUST be saved in a Microsoft or PDF format with the student name as the document name.  Please proofread as this will be forwarded to the sponsoring legislator. Pages will be selected and assigned as able.  Not all students may be able to be selected. 
  • Registration will need to be completed by (1) primary advisor per school program creating (1) registration per school program.  NOTE: When you receive your confirmation, it will show you as (1) school in party.
  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and number which will allow you to modify or cancel your registration.  Modifying includes adding/removing/changing students or advisors and any other changes to your registration.
  • The event website will contain all information needed for attendance including complete agenda, directions, room list, etc.
  • The last day to modify a registration is the same day as the registration deadline, but you are only allowed to bring the number of students you have been approved to bring. 
  • After the modification deadline, students will not be allowed to be replaced after this point UNLESS approved by Program Coordinator and it is an exact gender replacement (for those that require lodging).  For any cancellations, please notify Anita Gonzales via email so that all logistics can be properly arranged (food, space, etc.).
  • The registration deadline is January 13, 2014 at 5PM.



NM MESA will provide transportation as organized regionally.  Once all attendees are selected, more information will be given on transportation by your Regional Coordinator.



Lunch will be provided for all attendees at the Roundhouse, and Breakfast will be provided by the hotel for students staying overnight.



Arrangements will be made for all attendees at the following property:

Comfort Inn

4312 Cerrillos Road

Santa Fe, NM  87507


For Property Information Click Here 

Students will be housed up to (4) per room and advisors will be housed up to (2) per room.  There is no charge for lodging for attendees, but any cancellations after the registration deadline may be charged a fee.  A final room list will be provided on the event website.  After the registration deadline, students are not able to be changed unless approved and it is an exact gender replacement as room assignments will be final. 


Room list will be made from provided names on your registration.  If you have any lodging requests, please email them to trip coordinator. 



Students are required to abide by the legislative field trip dress code.  All attendees are required to dress-up for the legislative session in “professional” dress.  This means dress pants for men, and dress pants or long skirts for women. Appropriate dress can include khakis, uniform style pants, and/or polo shirts.  NO short skirts or dresses, jeans, or sloppy wear.  All attendees are to wear appropriate footwear (no sandals, open toed shoes, or tennis shoes). Please dress appropriately. If you are not sure about the dress code, call your Regional Coordinator.



Select NM MESA students will get the opportunity to serve as pages or special guests.  If interested:

  • Students must submit a document containing the following with application:
    • Student biography-containing student’s name, grade, and school in document
    • Statement of interest-why you want to page and why you should be selected to page
  • Up to five (5) students per region will be selected.
  • Students who are selected will be personally notified (please have accurate contact information updated in MIMS).  It is of special importance that selected students dress appropriately.
  • If student has a preferred legislator, please have them note in biography. 
  • NO SUBSTITUTES for pages or special guests will be allowed.



Each student is required to bring 10 letters of support for NM MESA to be delivered to legislative offices the day of the trip.  A sample letter is provided on the event website.  As any NM MESA legislation is introduced, NM MESA will send updates for specific bill numbers to be included in letters as possible. 

  • Please use the Roundhouse address for each legislator.
  • Include your return address on each letter.
  • Include specific information with your letter such as a one-page fact sheet about your program.
  • Parents, teachers, administrators, and former MESA students all make good contacts for a letter of support.
  • Have students write to all legislators in their district and diversify their letters.
  • It is a good idea to call ahead and schedule a meeting time with your legislator(s).  If they are able to meet at any time during the day, accommodations can be made to excuse for the meeting (except for students paging).
  • Legislators may only be able to meet once during the day, so identify yourself as a NM MESA student/advisor and a group meeting may be more feasible than one-on-one time.
  • Sample Letter of Support, Click Here 




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