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multiple trips, Spring 2017 Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Transportation time of 9 am – 2 pm arranged with Beal School Bus Co. (505.877.9239).

Valley HS & Taylor MS MESA: Tuesday, March 14th 2017
(Confirmation # 5990)
     – Taylor MS pick-up at 9:20 am, return at 1:45’ish pm
Albuquerque HS MESA: Monday, April 24th 2017
(Confirmation # 5991)
** expected travel time: approx. 1 hour each way

To bring: water bottle, picnic lunch, appropriate clothing layers, athletic shoes & a good attitude 🙂

Students will meet and speak with a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) education staff, hike the rocks, picnic on the edge of the world, discuss local geology and New Mexico water issues at Cochiti dam if we have time.

  • A BLM overview  & student worksheet will be distributed on the day of the trip.
See additional trip links below:
  1. Trail Guide
  2. Student Guide
  3. Plant Guide
  4. Bird Guide

Thank you to the National Park Foundation for supporting our transportation costs!


STEAM on the Land Lesson Plan

Engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) students on the land.


  1. To provide NM MESA students and teachers focused and unique STEM teaching and learning experiences that can be linked to their cultural and geologic heritage.
  2. To connect students and teachers with local, regional and national resources that provide interesting and invigorating STEM learning experiences for students grades 9-12.
  3. To provide ongoing STEM networking experiences and engaging opportunities to New Mexico students that highlight the multitude of engaging opportunities available along the middle Rio Grande corridor.


  1. Students will obtain valuable knowledge to support the NGSS teaching standards in the specific areas of geology, biology, cultural studies and water issues in New Mexico.
  2. New Mexico MESA students and teachers will learn and share best practices in STEM environmental education on the land, generate positive community experiences, increase student morale, and improve institutional and classroom climates around 21st century technology and workforce preparation.
  3. New Mexico students and teachers will feel inspired &/or invigorated to share real world cultural experiences with their students, campus colleagues, administration, friends and family.
NM Standards & Benchmarks
English & Language Arts: Informational Text 9-10.4: meaning of words and phrases • Speaking & Listening 9-10.2: integrate information • 9-10.3: evaluate speaker’s POV • 9-10.3: Understand language context • 9-10.4: Determine meaning of words • 9-10.6: Use domain-specific vocab • History/Social Studies 9-10.4: Determine meaning of words • Science & Technical Subjects 9-10.3: follow procedure • 9-10.4: understand symbols, vocab • Science Benchmark 1: Scientific Method 3. Use appropriate technology • Bmrk 2: Science continually eval 1. Understand sci produces valid results • 2. Use sci reasoning/logic • 3. New data=new knowledge • 5. Use math for sci relationships •Bmrk 1: survival depends on diversity 1. Ecosystem dynamic, complex, evolving • 2. Cooperation and competition • 3. Limited resources • 4. How humans modify ecosystems • 5. Energy/matter flows thru ecosystems • 6. Trohpic energy levels • 7. Photosynthesis


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