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October 31, 2016; Date and Time: varies depending on school site Individual Arduino Workshops (North Region only, ongoing)

Arduino boards

Arduino workshop kickoff is September 20th 2016 in Anton Chico, NM at Anton Chico Middle School. Following workshop will take place at Memorial Middle School.  Other dates and schools will be posted soon!

The workshops involve in-depth learning, “working time,” practice of Arduino language and components. Through the workshops students will get to make different things like: candy dispensers, measuring devices, LED Cubes, arms, turbines, etc. Arduino is the way of the future and North students are preparing for what’s to come!!


Event time: ~3hrs

Space: Per school site and in a space with access to computers, laptops, and internet.

Format: Workshop

Arduino Workshop Resources

These are the resources that we have used for the workshops and that can be used at anytime.

5 projects to introduce using Arduino for Object Oriented Programing:

These are created by SparkFun and can be used as guides for individual step by step lessons:

MESA Day Resources:

2017 MESA Day Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-Will be Posted Here Once Available

2016-2017 MESA Project Proposal-Information and Form (PDF)

MESA Day Event Resources:

Required Templates:

Prepared Design: Prosthetic Arm 2.0



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