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Ongoing through May 2017 Student Leadership Workshop

Organize a MESA Leadership Workshop at your school today!

Organize a MESA Leadership Workshop at your school today!

Arrange a 1-2 hour leadership workshop at your school for 8-20 students with Central Inner regional coordinator Kim Scheerer.  Kim will work with middle or high school students to connect Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM) concepts with leadership, culture, art & activities to enhance self-awareness and confidence.

Teacher Activities
  • arrange for a school supported space and time (during or after school)
  • compile & send Kim a list of 8-20 MESA leadership students
  • let student know to: bring a water bottle, snack and layers of clothing for outdoor participation
  • everyone should try to: bring a good attitude, open mind & willingness to participate
  • Expect to answer the following questions.
    1. WHAT part of STEAM is the most interesting to you?  Briefly explain WHY you think that is?
    2. HOW do you learn the best?  or WHAT type of learning style do you recognize as fun/important/necessary for you?
    3. WHAT helps you feel confident about yourself?

Teacher/Student Follow-up Q’s

  1. What felt comfortable in your MESA leadership workshop?
  2. What felt uncomfortable in your workshop?
  3. How can you share what YOU learned with YOUR community?



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