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Pick one day before the first day of fall... CI: End-of-Summer Arduino PD playshop

SparkFun Sensor Training

Arduino and Sparkfun and coding oh my…

Dates: Friday, Sept. 15th or Thursday, Sept. 21st

Location: QueLab!  ** one teacher will get a free month long membership!

Time: 10-2:30

  • Lunch/Recess = 11:30-12:30
  • $15/person order from Mario’s Pizzaria & Ristorante
  • link to a pdf of the menu here: Mario’s menu

Includes: $25 stipend, mileage for CI teachers traveling from out of Abq., & LUNCH!

Gifties: a helping hand (for soldering, image at bottom of page), option of SparkFun sensors, a Tablet give-away & more…

Guest Speakers: see below


You will need to bring…

  • a laptop computer with Arduino already downloaded onto it!
  • a water bottle, coffee or other bevy, your personal snacks and/or any comfy clothing layers and shoes
  • your MESA toolbag, coding work-kit and any additional Arduino supplies
  • a creative aptitude & a reasonable attitude… 🙂

Tentative agenda:
  • A more in depth overview of MESA Day requirements: water as the topic umbrella!
  • You (and your school partner) will solder the soil moisture sensor I gave you.
  • You (and your school partner) will code the soil moisture sensor I gave you with Arduino on your laptop.
  • Guest speaker(s): Michael Tomlinson (local innovator) and (possibly) CS4All
  • Delicious lunch from Mario’s on 4th street – delivered!
  • Tour of QueLab
  • Work in teams to brainstorm water [coding] ideas [solutions] and pitch them to your peers [clients]!

Helping hands for coding!


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