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Feb. 12, 2013; 1:45-7 pm College Night at NMHU

The New Mexico Highlands University College Night on February 12, 2013, is a great opportunity for 200 attendees to visit with staff and faculty at NMHU and explore the wonderful campus located in Las Vegas, NM. There is time arranged for students to meet with the individual departments and there will be insightful presentations on all things needed to prepare for college. NM MESA has partnered with NMHU to extend an extremely rewarding experience to all NM MESA students.

If you are interested in attending please contact your Regional Coordinator as they will assist you in arranging regional transportation if needed. NM MESA will pay for all transportation costs as approved. Also note that the NM MESA portion of the day is in addition to the general College Night program. If you receive any other literature directly from New Mexico Highlands or Luna Community College it will have a time from 5-8 pm only.

The NM MESA program is being provided as an added benefit to our NM MESA students and has a time of 1:45-7 pm which includes time to participate in the general College Night program. All students must plan to stay for the duration of the ENTIRE program to attend the NM MESA Day and MUST send enough chaperones to adequately supervise your entire group.

School Benefits (what NM MESA will pay for)

  • Transportation to (1) New Mexico Highlands as follows until event capacity is reached. NOTE: Busses are expected to be filled with at least 30 attendees with 75% of all attendees being current NM MESA students. Schools will be required to bus-pool as able to consolidate transportation and to fulfill the bus minimum. Any decrease in students below the 30 attendee requirement may result in transportation not being reimbursed.
    • 1 bus from each North Region High School
    • 2-3 busses from the Santa Fe surrounding area
    • Maximum of 1 bus from each of the other regions as able and approved
  • Dinner the day of the event
  • Event materials and program costs

Examples of What NM MESA Does Not Provide

  • Any Additional food costs
  • No lodging will be provided. Schools will only be approved if they are able to go and come in the same day or provide their own lodging.

Registration Process

  • On Line Registration will collect all teacher information, student information, and travel information (B-4). So please have all information needed to complete registration including student names, transportation vendor information, etc. If you require consolidated transportation you MUST get with your Regional Coordinator prior to completion so that you know what transportation option to select.
  • Registration will need to be completed by (1) primary advisor per school program creating (1) registration per school program. NOTE: When you receive your confirmation, it will show you as 1 school in party.
  • Once registered you will receive a confirmation email and number which will allow you to modify or cancel your registration. Modifying includes adding/removing/changing students or advisors and any other changes to your registration. This email will also direct you to the event summary website which will contain all information needed for attendance including complete agenda, map, parking instructions, etc. The last day to modify a registration is February 7, 2013. Students will not be allowed to be replaced or added after this point. For any cancellations, please notify Anita Gonzales via email so that all logistics can be properly arranged (food, space, etc.).
  • Please note that any additional students need to be approved after the registration deadline as attendance is limited to the first 200 registrants. After all spots are filled, a wait list will be created.
  • The registration deadline is January 31, 2013 at 5PM or until all spots are filled. A wait list will be created once all spots are filled.

General Agenda – Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time Event

1:45 pm

Arrive at New Mexico Highlands University Student Center – Registration

2 pm

Welcome-NM MESA Staff and NMHU

  • General College Admissions

 2:30-3:30 pm

NMHU Programs and Financial Aid

  • Campus Tour and/or Department Presentations

 3:30-4:30 pm

College Information Presentations-Omniac Education

  • 9th Grade-Foundations for College
  • 10th Grade-Foundations for College II
  • 11th Grade-ACT Workshop
  • 12th Grade-FAFSA and College Financial Information

 4:30-5:45 pm

 Dinner Reception @ NMHU Ballroom – Hosted by NM MESA-New Mexico Highlands

 5:45-6 pm

 Shuttle to Las Vegas Recreation Center – Provided by Individual School Busses

 6-7 pm

NMHU/LCC College Night Booth Walk Through
City of Las Vegas Abe Montoya Recreation Center.
NOTE: This portion is REQUIRED for all attendees

 7 pm

Depart for Home
(College Night actually runs until 8 pm if you would like to stay later)


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