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Thursday, April 14th 2016 4:15-6:45 pm CI RAM #3

RAM trophy winners - Valley HS!

'Most Fashionable MESA t-shirt' trophy winners - Valley High School!

CI Regional Advisory Meeting (RAM #3)


  1. 3 pm tour start at Friedman Recycling = 5021 Edith NE
  2. 4:30pm-6’ishpm meeting/dinner location: Cocina Azul = 4243 Montgomery Blvd NE
  3. APS’s Teachers Toolbox = 912-A Oak St. SE
    • see map here
    • meet Kim either Monday, April 18th or Tuesday, 19th from 3-4 pm for your $10 in supplies
  • RAM #3 agenda & Spring overview!
  • concepts & details to include: MESA spring details, 2016-2017 updates, Service Learning opportunities, honor cords & LA certificates (HS seniors only), collegiality trophies & networking
  • NexGen Academy students (our CI MESA USA representatives) will recieve the following trophies to award within their 2 student teams: Nerdiest Dresser & Silliest Comment in a Meeting; Advisors: Laura White & Arren Buck
  • Best Teamwork & Most Fabulous MESA T-shirt trophies =  Valley High School; Advisors: Serri Grube, Mike X. Goodrich & Missy Helen Mick
  • Most Dedicated Advisor = Aleli Colon; Van Buren Middle School
  • School with the Highest GPA (determined from cumulative Loyalty Award winners) = Albuquerque HS; Advisors: Elizabeth Alvarado & Jimmy Phillips
  • special guest: Jeff Gephart, PED teacher liaison
  • highlights: $25 stipend, recycling tour & $10 dollars in educational supplies from APS’s Teachers Toolbox, getting this sweet lunch tote (see below)!

A MESA Lunch Tote for all teachers!
MESA lunch tote


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