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Thursday or Friday, October 13th or 14th CI MESA Teacher Coding Workshops

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UNM School of EngineeringWhere: UNM, School of Engineering, Centennial Engineering Center, 2nd  floor: Engineering Student Services suite 2080 (SE corner of building)

Choose a date to visit UNM to overview our MESA Day 2017 competition and boost your skill set! We’ll connect about coding and microcontrollers, learn about competition logistics & engage in student preparation techniques for the arm 2.1 challenge.

Pick and rsvp for one…

Thursday, October 13th 4:00-7:30 pm

  • see agenda here
  • to include dinner OR

Friday, October 14th** 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

  • see agenda here
  • to include lunch
** this event will also include a visit to the Student Union Building & the Maxwell Museum

What to bring:
  1. all Arduino, Sparkfun and microcontroller coding supplies (including your 0005 Hotsheets)
  2. your MESA tool bag with soldering iron and multi-meter (if you have one)
  3. a laptop computer with Codebender and your microcontroller (ie. einsboard or SparkFun board) INSTALLED
    1. PLEASE connect with your school IT person if you need assistance.
    2. To be successful for this workshop, you will NEED to have this pre-loaded!
    3. PC laptop install guide for drivers = click here
    4. Mac driver install guide = click here
  4. creative arm 2.1 materials, ideas & questions
  5. $3 (Thursday) or $4 (Friday) cash or a card for parking: use the lot at the Central United Methodist Church
  6. a good attitude
Also included:
  • $28 or $29 stipend for all (includes $3 or $4 for parking for all) & mileage (for out of town participants only)

SparkFun as a Resource: connect to the SparkFun MESA National Challenge website

Other helpful arm 2.1 links and ideas…

mesa imageNote the maximum # of teams allowed/school below.
20 – 30 registered students:  max number of teams = 3
31 – 50 students: max number of teams = 5
51 – 70: max number of teams = 7
71 – 90: max number of teams = 9
Registered students = students that are logged with profiles and signed A-1’s in the MIMS database.


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