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Thursday, November 12th Central Outer Rally Workshop/Competition


Thursday, November 12th, we will be staging the Rally Workshop/Competition for the Central Outer Region at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo.

Here is a brief overview about the competition and each event:   There are four events in which the students will be competing.

  • Syntax Charades – Teams will break into two groups: ‘coders” and “computers”; coders will be given scripted coding challenges to create and program the computers; computers must successfully complete the matched action for a judge; each ‘line of code’ completed will have a point value assigned to it; code will include math challenges.
  • Environmental Careers – Students use team investigation to understand and perform related tasks and solve real world problems in various fields of Agriculture, Land Management, Natural Resources and Ecology at designated career stations. Logistics: student teams move among stations where student teams use career keywords & related vocabulary creatively, solve problems or experience physical challenges related to different career needs; correct answers or timed actions score points.
  • Sustainability Supermarket – Students work in groups to compare and contrast products based on environmentally literate citizenry. Products are categorized by three inputs: 1) social = perceived benefit to people and/or the environment 2) economic = cost and 3) environmental = biodegradability, recyclability, weight of waste.
  • Prepared Prosthetic Arm Challenge – This engineering project consists of designing a functional prosthetic arm from simple materials, which are remotely controlled by an Arduino-coded circuit board and motor/servo. The arm is attached to one arm of the participant’s body and cannot be operated in any way by that limb. The arm must be able to precisely move objects of different volumes and masses and also be able to accurately throw objects at targets up to 10 feet away. Pupils also show design and budget work


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