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Monday, November 28th 2016 Carlsbad Caverns STEM-venture

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Time: 4 am – 9’ish pm at Manzano HS

Depart: Manzano HS at 4 am; possible pick-up of EMHS leadership team in Tijeras

School: Manzano HS, 7 SVA students & possible EMHS leadership; + MESA teacher representatives

To bring: water bottle, picnic lunch, appropriate clothing layers, athletic shoes, homework, music, games, $ for dinner & a good attitude 🙂

Students will meet and speak with a National Park Ranger, hike the caves, picnic deep in the earth, and discuss local NM geology while learning about our National Park system.

Approximate drive time: 5 hours

Check out the NPS education activities below…

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