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December 12, 2018 Second annual staff holiday give-back!

Our 2017 holiday give-back at Roadrunner Foodbank was a success!

Our 2017 holiday give-back at Roadrunner Foodbank was a success!

Dear festive holiday givers~

Our MESA team will be accumulating, packing and sharing resources in the Las Cruces community this December for our staff holiday give-back.

Collected donations from around the state will be accumulated in Las Cruces.  There, the MESA staff will gather with the Centennial HS MESA club to pack and distribute the goods where needed into the greater community.  Please see this list of encouraged donations; the items listed are suggestions, not mandatory requirements.

Thank you for your help if possible, cheers~ Team NM MESA

Staff holiday give-back history: Last year the MESA staff shifted the tradition of the “classic office Christmas party” to an opportunity to put the Service Learning requirement of NM MESA into practice.  In December of 2017, our staff gathered to volunteer at the Roadrunner Foodbank in Albuquerque.  We worked to sort and pack boxes of produce for students, families and others in need across the state.  This year our Las Cruces community event will mark our second annual holiday give-back.  In the future, the NM MESA staff will rotate through the different regions each December and work to help the same communities that our MESA kids and families live in.


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