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April 22, 2016 2016 New Mexico MESA USA State Competition

2016 New Mexico MESA USA-Qualifying Scores


This event is our State Qualifying Event for our National Engineering Design Competition.  All teams will need to be invited to attend by qualifying at our MESA Day Competitions.

Teams will build a low-cost Prosthetic Arm controlled with Arduino Programming.  The device and project must meet the criteria outlined in the rules. Student teams will perform the following tasks:

  • Distance Accuracy: greatest distance and accuracy achieved by tossing bean bags into the target zone in the fastest time. (2 trials)
  • Object Relocation Task: fastest time achieved by placing all objects into and removing all objects from the specified container. (2 trials)
  • Dexterity Task: greatest number of bolts and nuts correctly placed and secured onto the testing device in the fastest time. (2 trials)-HIGH SCHOOL ONLY
  • Design Efficiency – greatest ratio of performance score to device mass
  • Academic Poster Presentation-Teams will present academic posters to a panel of judges and will then respond to judges questions.
  • Technical Paper

Event Materials:

2015-2016 MESA USA National Engineering Design Handbook

2015-2016 MESA USA Event Resources Document

2015-2016 MESA USA National FAQ’s (includes NM State FAQ’s)

2015-2016 Scoring Tool-High School

2015-2016 Scoring Tool-Middle School

Event Resources:

New Mexico Itemized Budget Worksheet-Includes Cost of Sparkfun Materials

Academic Poster Template Resources:

Logistics Information:

2016 MESA USA Event Information Memo

NMMI Ropes Course Liability Forms 

General Agenda

Hotel Information-To Be Posted Here Once Available

Room List-To Be Posted Here Once Available

Campus Map and Parking Instructions




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