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  • The Albuquerque Astronomical Society has Solar Astronomy Outreach for your STEM lovin’ students.  Connect with them to bring a telescope to your campus and share the science of the electromagnetic system, solar system scales and MORE!
  • The Asombro Institute has partnered with the USDA to create engaging FREE 6-12th grade climate curriculum.
  • Bag It!  The Moviethis movie, (also showing on Sundays in the Albuquerque Aquarium theater) which your school can host a screening of, highlights the journey and conclusion of plastics in the ocean.  Includes a online curriculum guide with activities.
  • The Bosque Education Guide (BEG) is a FREE and interdisciplinary curriculum about the middle Rio Grande valley ecosystem; includes classroom and field activities for students grades K-12.
  • Dream Makers STEM-H program; learn about Health Science Careers at UNM.
  • Fractal Foundation makes learning SMART with Science, Math and Art!
  • The Institute for Applied Ecology shares the local 6-12th grade curriculum – From Ponderosa to Prickly Pear: Exploring the Native Plants of NM.
  • The Sofia Center for Professional Development offers resources, workshops & seminars for educators throughout the community.  Join their REFLECT : INNOVATE : ACT series at Bosque School, 4000 Learning Road NW – Albuquerque.
  • NM STEM-H Connection – Making Heath Sciences education happen at UNM and around the state, link to Outreach Programs, Education & the Statewide Collaborative website with this point and click website!
  • Valles Caldera – what a hot place to learn about!  Use this EPSCoR resource to share video clips and cool images about this New Mexico geologic wonder.

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NM State Education Standards

NM Education Initiatives/Information 

Table 1: NM PED 2019 Graduation Requirements
English Language Arts
Requirement: 4 credits of English with major emphasis on grammar, nonfiction writing, and literature. Options: English Language Arts (ELA) 1 (1001), ELA 2 (1002), ELA 3 (1003), ELA 4 (1004). AP courses covering the required content are also permitted.
Requirement: 4 credits of math in high school including Algebra II (or equivalent) unless excused in junior Next Step Plan*. Options: Pre-Algebra (2021)**, Algebra I (2031), Geometry (2034), Applied Math (2024), Algebra II (2041), Algebra II/Trig (2044), Financial Literacy (2097), Integrated Pathway: Math I (2080), Integrated Pathway: Math II (2081), Integrated Pathway: Math III (2083), AP Courses, and courses at a higher level than Algebra II. *Students who use the Algebra I EoC score to meet Assessment Requirements may not waive Algebra II. **Ninth Grade Pre-Algebra will no longer be an option for high school credit beginning with the 2019 cohort.
Social Studies
Requirement: 3.5 credits to include US History and Geography, World History and Geography, Government and Economics, and 0.5 credit of NM History. Options: US History and Geography (2729), World History and Geography (2706), 0.5 US Government (2730), 0.5 Economics (2741), 0.5 NM History (2717). AP courses covering the required content are also permitted.
Requirement: 3 credits of science, two of which must have a laboratory component. Options: Secondary courses under STARS codes in the 1700s.
Physical Education
Requirement: One unit in physical education. Options: May include participation in marching band, JROTC, or interscholastic sports sanctioned by the New Mexico Activities Association.
Career Cluster, Workplace Readiness, Language
Requirement: One unit in a career cluster course, workplace readiness or a language other than English.
Requirement: 7.5 elective units that meet department content and performance standards. Options: student service learning, pre-apprenticeship programs, media literacy, additional courses in core subjects, and numerous other options.
Requirement: one course (0.5 or 1 credit) of Health (1401), either as an elective unit above (E) or as completed in Middle School (MS).

NM MESA STARS code: 0873, Elective Activities

Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA, 0873) – Course incorporates hands on, real-world math activities into a variety of practical scientific situations by using experimental skills and processes to reach solutions.  Students are challenged to discover hidden principles of math, science, engineering, and technology and apply these principles through the use of critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making by using theoretical frameworks, and by developing prototypes and working models.


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