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2019-2020 NO-RESOURCES

The 2019-2020 school year is here. As educators, you all have the opportunity to give your students the gift of learning and the gift of making friends and memories that will last them a lifetime! Within this page are activities that will help your students prepare for MESA Day and to also keep your students engaged in your meetings. 


2019-2020: MESA DAY: Energy as a Grand Challenge

Integrated Website Activities:

Websites for Lessons:


National Energy Education Development Project Activities

5 Minute Energy Pantomime (2-12 Grades):

10 Minute Energy Game (All Grades):

20 Minute Energy Sources Relay Race (3-12 Grades):

30 Minute Energy Chants (3-12 Grades):

Career Readiness Guide:

Middle School: 

High School:

STEM Activities:







2018-2019: MESA DAY: Food as a Grand Challenge

Arduino Food Science, Engineering, Technology, Math Resources Educational Youtube Videos
Getting Started!

Download Arduino IDE

Galileo Firmware & Drivers

Sparkfun Redboard- FTDI Drivers Install

Elegoo Download


Resources from our Mentors:

Northern New Mexico STEM Mentor Collective


Math Circles Collaborative of New Mexico

Classroom Lessons/Activities/Projects



3D Printing!

Tinkercad: Gallery of Things


Advisor Reads

Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security

Water, Energy, Food Nexus

Changing Regulations Mean Genetically Modified Meat Could Soon Be on Your Plate

eBook– Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Furture of Food and Farming in America

Student Classroom Lessons/Activities/Projects

Science Buddies-Food Science Projects

Ag In the Classroom

A look at NM Agriculture PDF

Ag Facts

Interview with a farmer

 Crop Yields In Australia and Across the World



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