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West Mesa HS Awards Night 2013

May 9, 2013 –

Parents and students gathered at the West Mesa HS cafeteria for an Awards Night to celebrate their achievements in MESA this year.  After a wonderful potluck and time for socializing, student officers Antonia, Diana, and Cristina hosted the ceremony this evening. Students received certificates for their years in MESA.  Seniors received cords for 3.5+ GPA and pins for their graduation gowns for all active seniors.  Students were honored for their volunteering – blood donation and MESA Day volunteers. Seniors attending SIFT gave a presentation about the trip.  Officers gave fun awards – most personality, a hair award, MESA sweetheart, continuous talking, to name a few.   West Mesa’s outstanding students this year were Jordan C. (sophomore), Antonia G. (junior) and Cristina C. (senior) with Antonia receiving the most points overall to win an Android tablet from MESA.   


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