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North and North Central Leadership Summit Recap

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Nov 22, 2016 –

On Monday, November 14th, 2016 the Northern and North Central Region schools came together to New Mexico Highlands University for a Leadership Summit.  The main theme of the Leadership event was prosthetics and orthopaedics and related career fields or current technology advancements. We want to thank our presenters which came from the following institutions and organizations; University of New Mexico Orthopaedics Department and Biomedical Engineering Departments, New Mexico Highlands University Chemistry Department, Luna Community College STEM Department, and Altiora Media. Without our partners we would have not made this event happen; each partner brought a workshop to the students and they all got to rotate and attend each one. Thank you!! As part of this event we had a ‘service learning’ component for students to become more socially aware of global issues and raise awareness around them.  Both Regions are working to raise funds for purchasing prosthetic legs through our partner LIMBS International.

The workshops were as follows:

University of New Mexico Biomedical Engineering & Orthopaedics Departments: Presenters created a customized workshop where students learned about implantable bio materials, prosthetics, orthopaedics, and 3D printing. Students were able to work hands on with a team and build a 3D printed prosthetic arm.

New Mexico Highlands University Chemistry Department: Presenters brought three different hands-on activities for students relating to nano-science.

Luna Community College STEM Department: Presenter demonstrated and allowed hands-on time for students to learn about laser science and physics.

Altiora Media: Presenter brought a drone and projects that his agency has created with the drone. The purpose of this workshop was to show how advance technology influences us daily.

NM MESA North Regional Coordinator:  Presenter had a hands-on workshop where students were able to make pneumatic or hydraulic arms. This workshop was originally created by Kimi Sheerer who is the Central Inner Coordinator based in Albuquerque NM.


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