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NM MESA Student receives offer of appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy

Beau Cisneros

Beau Cisneros receives an offer of appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy

Mar 27, 2014 –

On Feb 18, 2014, after an arduous process, Beau Cisneros received an offer of appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.  Beau is currently a senior at Carlsbad High School, where he is the 2014 Salutatorian for the class.  He has been working most of his school life to earn the chance to do something like this.  Beau has been a MESA member for 6 years, Honor Society member, and a Church youth group leader.  All of these helped Beau in his pursuit of this appointment.  The offer has been given to Beau due to his academic, athletic, and leadership excellence as well as his determination and commitment to serve.

The process started over a year ago.  Beau had to do four interviews: one with his blue and gold officer, one with the U.S. Representative Nomination committee, and one with each of the U.S. Senator Nomination committees.   He had to write separate essays for each congressional member and one for the Academy.  Beau then had to have two letters of recommendations, from teachers, for the academy and three recommendations for the congressmen.  Included were also online school profile, a background check, test scores, and medical/fitness assessments.  There are over 18000 applicants each year.  2000 of those applicants are fully qualified.  1500 will be extended an offer and approximately 1200 of those become midshipmen.

Beau will enter the Academy with a full ride scholarship.  He will be paid as an active duty midshipman.  Beau is planning on getting a Nuclear Engineering degree with a minor in a foreign language.  After that Beau plans on doing a year of specialized training in Nuclear Power School before he does his five years, starting out as a Commissioned Ensign, on a nuclear submarine.


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