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Thursday, October 5, 2017; 9-3:30 pm Northern Region On-Going Leadership Opportunity

High ropes

The Northern region schools will have the opportunity to complete a ropes course which will give or enhance students’ skills in team building, problem solving and leadership.  Schools will have the option to choose to attend one of the following courses: New Mexico Military Institute Ropes Reaction Course or Santa Fe Community College Teamwork in Action Course. Any student that attends to one of these courses will receive a NM MESA leadership credit for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Any Northern Region school interested in participating needs to contact the Regional Coordinator to make arrangements.

Both courses focus on giving students the skills necessary to become leaders and great team members which is a valuable skill set to have as they move forward with their lives and onto their chosen career paths.

More Detailed Information on each of the courses below:

New Mexico Military Institute Website:

Per SFCC Teamwork in Action webpage: 


The challenge course consists of fun, interactive events and activities tailored to adults, teens and children. You’ll participate in Cooperative Games that “break the ice,” and Initiative Exercises which offer clearly and often fancifully defined problems. Low Events are either on or low to the ground. Success is determined by the group’s ability to work together. High Events like the Zip Line and The High Wire Y are 20 to 55 feet off the ground. Read full program details.


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