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New Mexico Local Resources

  • The Albuquerque Astronomical Society has Solar Astronomy Outreach for your STEM lovin’ students.  Connect with them to bring a telescope to your campus and share the science of the electromagnetic system, solar system scales and MORE!
  • The Asombro Institute has partnered with the USDA to create engaging FREE 6-12th grade climate curriculum.
  • Bag It!  The Moviethis movie, (also showing on Sundays in the Albuquerque Aquarium theater) which your school can host a screening of, highlights the journey and conclusion of plastics in the ocean.  Includes a online curriculum guide with activities.
  • The Bosque Education Guide (BEG) is an interdisciplinary curriculum about the Middle Rio Grande Valley ecosystem. The FREE curriculum provides classroom and field activities for students grades K-12.
  • Fractal Foundation makes learning SMART with Science, Math and Art!
  • The Institute for Applied Ecology shares the local 6-12th grade curriculum – From Ponderosa to Prickly Pear: Exploring the Native Plants of NM.
  • The Sofia Center for Professional Development offers resources, workshops & seminars for educators throughout the community.  Join their REFLECT : INNOVATE : ACT series at Bosque School, 4000 Learning Road NW – Albuquerque.
  • NM STEM-H Connection – Making Heath Sciences education happen at UNM and around the state, link to Outreach Programs, Education & the Statewide Collaborative website with this point and click website!
  • Valles Caldera – what a hot place to learn about!  Use this EPSCoR resource to share video clips and cool images about this New Mexico geologic wonder.

NM Affiliation Websites

  • Environmental Education Association of New Mexico:
  • New Mexico Council for the Teachers of Mathematics:
  • New Mexico Science Teachers Association:
  • Computer Science Teachers Association of New Mexico: CSTANM

NM State Education Standards

NM Education Initiatives/Information 

Table 1: NM PED 2016 Graduation Requirements
English Language Arts
Requirement: 4 credits of English with major emphasis on grammar, nonfiction writing, and literature. Options: English Language Arts (ELA) 1 (1001), ELA 2 (1002), ELA 3 (1003), ELA 4 (1004). AP courses covering the required content are also permitted.
Requirement: 4 credits of math in high school including Algebra II (or equivalent) unless excused in junior Next Step Plan*. Options: Pre-Algebra (2021)**, Algebra I (2031), Geometry (2034), Applied Math (2024), Algebra II (2041), Algebra II/Trig (2044), Financial Literacy (2097), Integrated Pathway: Math I (2080), Integrated Pathway: Math II (2081), Integrated Pathway: Math III (2083), AP Courses, and courses at a higher level than Algebra II.
Social Studies
Requirement: 3.5 credits to include US History and Geography, World History and Geography, Government and Economics, and 0.5 credit of NM History. Options: US History and Geography (2729), World History and Geography (2706), 0.5 US Government (2730), 0.5 Economics (2741), 0.5 NM History (2717). AP courses covering the required content are also permitted.
Requirement: 3 credits of science, two of which must have a laboratory component. Options: Secondary courses under STARS codes in the 1700s.
Physical Education
Requirement: One unit in physical education. Option: 2305.
Career Cluster, Workplace Readiness, Language
Requirement: One unit in a career cluster course, workplace readiness or a language other than English.
Requirement: 7.5 elective units that meet department content and performance standards. Options: student service learning, pre-apprenticeship programs, media literacy, additional courses in core subjects, and numerous other options.


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